Myst aka Katrin (wynter_myst) wrote in eve_rock,
Myst aka Katrin

Late review of Happy Xmas Show

It started off interestingly. Because the first thing 0_cheonsa_0 & I did, was to not be able to find Rolling Hall... But we got there in the end with help from a couple of friendly guys.

Things to note, Seheon is very handsome in real life, photos don't do him justice... Also, he's really skinny. And he keeps touching his hair.
The crowd were mainly female and some couples because Xmas is a time for couples in Korea. I believe the place was full? Rolling Hall isn't really big, in fact, it feels like it's a really small club.

My photos are bad mobile phone standard tho.

Seheon is skinny!

Choi Sungwoo (Nemesis) on the far left & Kiho was wearing a Union Jack top & leather pants

Seheon's cute hood has ears! And Kiho as Santa in leather pants

I'm in love with his top


Best 2 photos out of the 100+ I took

I'm going to watch EVE again on the 19th @ Rolling Hall~
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ooooh that's awesome *0*
I wish I could see them live as well someday.. ;_;

but the photos are definitiv cool ^0^!!! thanks~~
Yea! Thanks for sharing photos and stories. Santa Hats. hhehheheheee

Seheon didn't used to be that skinny, he's too skinny now, it makes me several other people I have spoken to wonder if he is ill. ^^;

The red and black striped shirt is cool. ^^

Is Choi in these pictures too? So many people on stage... Transfixtion guys, perhaps?

What songs did EVE play? Just curious. -^

Thanks for sharing again. =^-^=

He had some heart problem thing I believe. I'm not too sure about it tho...

Did I name him "Kim Sungwoo"? Ooops *edits* I meant Choi Sungwoo...
He was just on for the EVE set.
Then the rest are the Transfixion guys. Sungwoo didn't come on during the joint set.

I don't remember. XDDD Mostly the newer stuff. By newer I mean 6th album onward stuff. I know they did Ghost School.
Maybe he has high blood pressure and changed his diet?
He had stopped smoking for album 7, but he obviously is smoking again and there is no way that is a healthy habit! oO!
I have noticed Koreans have a positive view of smoking than exists here (positive in that it is used a "cool guy" or "sexy guy" fashion whereas here it's a addiction and an illness and smokers must go outside to partake in their filthy habit rather than poison everyone else - not very glamorous is it?).

That's okay, I knew you meant Choi. -^

Cool, newer stuff. So Choi did well? Is he like how he is in Nemesis shows? Just curious. ^^;

I wouldn't think it's positive, but smoking is a very normal thing here. Females tend to be really secretive about it though.
No smoking indoors unless it's a pub/club usually.

Sungwoo was really laidback and quiet. Prob coz he knows it's not really his place to do anything seeing as how it's not his band.
They allow smoking indoors for pubs and clubs? oO

There are some states that still allow it. I was SHOCKED when I went recently to Pittsburgh and one their fancy nice downtown hotels lobbies was chocked with smoke! I was stunned!!! oO!!! It struck me as so... so... well, barbaric. I made sure the hotel staff knew how I felt about it, ..several times over. hehehehhe ;p

Well, it's not banned so they do.
Most of them have decent enough ventilation but still... I hate going to pubs/clubs coz of it.
I feel the same way.
*looking at pictures again*

ahahha He does touch his hair a lot. ^^
That hoodie with the ears is cute. ^^
My mobile phone can take 6 photos consecutively as a series shot and I realised that if I scroll through the 12 series I took quickly I can observe him pushing back his hair 6 times in total...

I found the hoodie on the gothpunk website. It's sold out tho...
No wonder, it's cute. ^^

Hey, I found a Sebin picture at GothPunk:

Because it looks cool and doesn't have as bad of a connotation in this part of the world.
After all, during WW2 we had our own war to fight.
While I should think that he knows that tipped swastika is a Nazi symbol, but the events didn't make much of an impact on this side so that's just what it is, a symbol.
They think Racism, Fascism, Genocide, Nazis, Neo-Nazi, Skinheads, the Ku Klux Klan, Hate Mongering, and White Supremacy looks cool? OO!!!!!!!!!!!
That's the whole thing. The tipped swastika does not have all that baggage in this part of the world. It's not taboo. The Japanese were the problem during that time so no one paid attention to what was going on at the other side of the world.
The swastika has always been a Buddhist symbol here.

Also, the site calls it "Sid Vicious Nazi Tshirt" so maybe that's the reason why he did. Because it's Sid Vicious, not because it's Nazi.
My first reaction was to say, "There is no way in hell Sid Vicious would ever wear such a symbol. Afterall, England got the shit bombed out of it by Hilter, there is no way any Briton would ever wear such a thing. I know Sid Vicious liked to do things just to piss people off for no reason other than to just piss them off, but even he would never wear such a heinous symbol. There are some lines that even he would not cross."

But then I thought about. It would actually be in character for him to do something like that, not because he believed in the symbol, but because no other symbol can produce such a violent reaction.

So I googled it, and I did run across some things on google and then a website that explains it:

In my defense, I should tell you most Westerners do not know that Sid Vicious wore that. Speaking for myself, just about everything I know about Sid Vicious came from the movie, "Sid_and_Nancy." In the movie, he did not wear that symbol:

All pictures I have seen of him do NOT include that symbol either. So basically, most people know the "image" in the media of Sid Vicious and really nothing about the real person, myself included.

Still, it is very hard to me to get past Seheon wearing that symbol. I can't even bring myself to say it's name, it's that bad. In fact, it's most powerful symbol of pure evil in the West. On a scale of 1 to 10 of offensiveness it's a 50! OO!!!!!!!!