Myst aka Katrin (wynter_myst) wrote in eve_rock,
Myst aka Katrin

Late review of Happy Xmas Show

It started off interestingly. Because the first thing 0_cheonsa_0 & I did, was to not be able to find Rolling Hall... But we got there in the end with help from a couple of friendly guys.

Things to note, Seheon is very handsome in real life, photos don't do him justice... Also, he's really skinny. And he keeps touching his hair.
The crowd were mainly female and some couples because Xmas is a time for couples in Korea. I believe the place was full? Rolling Hall isn't really big, in fact, it feels like it's a really small club.

My photos are bad mobile phone standard tho.

Seheon is skinny!

Choi Sungwoo (Nemesis) on the far left & Kiho was wearing a Union Jack top & leather pants

Seheon's cute hood has ears! And Kiho as Santa in leather pants

I'm in love with his top


Best 2 photos out of the 100+ I took

I'm going to watch EVE again on the 19th @ Rolling Hall~
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