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Hello everyone! I'm new to Eve, I just found out about them like 3 days ago and I love there music!
Its nice to find some Korean bands, I really wasn't sure if there was any Korean bands that had male singers. My boyfriend is Korean and told me most bands in Korean had female singers. I was so happy when I found out about Eve.
Again, I'm just saying hi!
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hi ^^v
i love Eve for a very long time and i think that this is one of the most wonderful Korean rock band!! I also have second fav band Buzz.
I love rock music , especially Japanese rock .. but this two korean bands made my heart beat faster ^^
Hello and welcome. :3 Eve is an awesome band, and my personal favorite Korean rock band. ^^V
Thanks for the welcome^^ :3

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Yeah I've been looking more into the Korean underground music scene to see what other bands are out there.

Most bands have female singers? There really needs to be more of those. Saying that, my uni's rock band has a female vocalist.
I love Korean rock~ I just wish there were more gigs for me to go to...
Man to! I really want to Korea to see Eve's concert.
welcome and I am glad you also like Eve!
Hi! Yes, EVE is awesome! Some of their older albums you can't find anymore, but if you look around online you will find the EVE albums. Planet EVE, the Greatest Hits, and 7th EVEning are my favorites. ^^