Myst aka Katrin (wynter_myst) wrote in eve_rock,
Myst aka Katrin

2008 March 30th - EVE concert

When: 30th March Sunday 6pm
Where: Seoul Hongdae Rolling Hall
Tickets: From the daum cafe between 3rd March (Mon) 1am ~ 29th March (Sat) midnight (tickets can be bought on location as well)
Entry: 5pm onwards, advanced booking enter first (standing performance)

Cafe ppl did a poster thing.

I only found out about this when I remembered the existence of my hanmail account... I won't be going for it though, so no photos from me. I'm watching Shinhwa perform instead :P
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This is the not-so-modly mod. XD

I have a question for you that may seem a bit out of the blue. Would you like modly powers bestowed upon you? I've been thinking about this for a while and with how much you post with information and reviews of events, I think you would be a good candidate if you're up for it that is.

I honestly can only read about four words in Hangul and have slipped behind in the happenings with EVE so it only makes sense that someone going to the boards and what not have some control over here. Let me know what you think.
Oop late reply ><

Is there anything in particular a mod does?
I don't mind~ I'll be leaving Korea in 3 months but I'll always keep up on the news (yay mailing list~).
Not really. XD I just don't follow the band that much anymore and I think someone that is up to date on releases and shows that posts would be a good match. You can also change the layout? lol It's a pretty self-suffcient community, so it would be more for looks.
No problem then~
I saw a promo for this event over at Seheon cyworld
The poster.... (with Seheon wearing a [beep] symbol)... *shakes head*
Yea, I thought that would get to you so I shoved it under a cut.
Thanks for that.

Are you going?
I'm going to watch Shinhwa's 10th anniversary concert. I haven't seen them live in... 4 years o_O
Shinhwa was one of my first introductions to Korean music in general so... =)
That was 10 years ago?
My intro to Korean music? 8 years ago actually.