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Seheon & Sebin Sighting!

Oh, I just spotted this. Could there be a new Eve album with Sebin included in the near future? ^^

PHOTO: from Seheon Cyworld
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Wow...I never would have known that was Sebin..srsly. Of course, Seheon looks as good as usual.
Really? oO
I've studied Sebin's face in such detail (for 3d) I could spot him in a crowd with sunglasses and a hat, no problem. lol -^

Here's some recent pictures of Sebin:
comeback Nemesis concert 1/09

And from this month, 4/09

And Seheon:

Ah Seheon, eternally youthful...

Sebin's hair has grown out well ^^
What's Seheon's secret, beer and cigarettes? -^

Sebin's hair grew out fast. His Hello Kitty seatbelt cracks me up. lol ^^
I'm thinking maybe soju and cigarettes ^^
Soju? Is that what he's drinking? ^^
Yup, the green bottles are soju.
How does it tastes?

*being curious*
Like rubbing alcohol XDDD

It's strong stuff. 12-25% alcohol depending on the brand and type? Possibly more?
That particular brand in the photo is not too bad in taste though.
He's getting pickled. -^
Sebin baby! klejf;lsjf; I MISS YOU ;A;

and hoooooooooooooooraaay for EVE album OMG I AM DYING FROM THE EXCITEMENTTTTTTTTTTT
Did you see the other Sebi picture I posted? They are from the past week.
Sebin's feet look huge in those boots XD But it's nice to see him and Seheon look well. LOL'd at the Hello Kitty seatbelt too!!
I know! The skinny jeans with Mod boots. I think it's cute. ^^