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Livejournal added the Tags feature a while ago, and I think it'll come in handy in this community. :D

Clicking on a tag link works just like a filter. So if you are looking for EVE images posted in the community, you can click on the Images tag and it'll give you results with posts that include that tag.

When you are creating a new post, including a tag is really easy. Right underneath the Mood option, you'll see the textbox for Tags. Just type in the appropriate tag for that post and you're done :D
Including a tag in the post isn't always required, since certain posts don't fit into a specific category~

Active Tags
News: Info about new releases and upcoming events!

Images: For posts that include pictures like scans, screencaptures and photos found on the internet. For wallpapers and icons, please use the Graphics tag instead.
If you are looking for a good image host, and are good ones :)

Media: Live performances, TV programs, music videos, fanvideos, radio, etc.
Please friends-lock these types of posts.

Graphics: For desktop wallpapers, icons, banners, and other graphics.

Fanart: For fanart that you have drawn~

Fanfiction: For stories that you have written~
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