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EVENING - EVE Livejournal Community

Beautiful Korean Rock Band EVE

EVENING - Korean Rock Band EVE Community
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This fan community is dedicated to the beautiful and talented Korean rock band, EVE!
Please feel free to browse around and chat with other fans about EVE and other bands related to EVE, such as G.GORILLA, NEMESIS, VIRUS, and GUN'S PURPLE KEY.
EVEryone is welcome to join~
Please read the rules before posting <3

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Kim Se HeonHa Se Bin
Position: Vocal
Birthday: June 2
Blood type: AB
Height: 178cm
Position: Guitar
Birthday: Jan 10
Blood type: A
Height: 180cm
Kim Seung Joo
Position: Bass
Birthday: July 5
Blood Type: A
Height: 185cm


7th Album - sEVEnth evening

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7th Album - sEVEnth evening
DVD - The History Of EVE : Live in Seoul 2004
Live Album - The History Of Eve : Live in Seoul 2004
6th Album - Welcome to Planet EVE
Compilation Album - Memoir for Your Everything
5th Album - EveR
4th Album - Swear
3rd Album - 너에게로 날자 (Fly to You)
2nd Album - Eros
1st Album - EVE

Purchase EVE's Music @ Annyoung.com | Yesasia.com

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Official Sites
PLANET EVE: EVE Official Site
G-Gorilla.co.kr: G.Gorilla (Former Synth and Producer) Official Site
N-sis.co.kr: Nemesis Official Site (Ha Se Bin's Band)

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EVE Fanlisting: Join the list of fans who love EVE!
Group EVE: EVE English Fansite
LovEVE: EVE Korean Fansite

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